Torrid summer what to wear? Summer Dresses


Warm summer, but not for this we have to give up on seasonal trends!
In fact, we can choose to follow the main trends using the summer dresses that are perfect on the hottest days.

The first trend to follow is the yellow color. Each piece of clothing has been influenced by this intense and lively color that we can show off in a brilliant overall look

According to trend white color, white is a must have in the summer season and it is not difficult to find summer clothes of this color for a total white look on tanned skins.

The third trend in floral printing, now with striped print is a must have of every season. Could we give up this season, then?

Other trends are the embroidered inserts of every kind of fabric on each garment.

Cotton and linen become the main fabric.

Colored veil fabrics, which play on the see and I do not see, transparent but not too much.


70’s with straps  to show off on dresses too.

Then could the tropical print be missing? Obviously not!

And of course the most popular printing in this period is the tribal print.

The vicky print went back to fashion this year after being away from the passarelle for a long time.

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