CC Hair Extensions

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Hello girls,
today I speak of a new store that I met recently. Once hair is not talking about any of shoes but an accessory for hair braiding together the site CC Hair Extensions.
Many many times we rely on so many hairdressers and too often the wrong haircut we want or we are in a moment of madness we decide to cut all our beloved hair and then regret it bitterly. This is where you come into play sites like CCHair Extensions.

CC Hair Extensions is an online store that offers a wide range of extensions of different models as clip in hair extensions, 24 inc hair weave, 26 inc hair weave  and for all types of it are available all colors of hair and all the folds possible images.
What differentiates CC Hair Extensions from other sites ?? This site offers all categories extensios made only with 100% natural hair consentodoci so to buy the products of the highest quality and at the same time maintaining competitive prices to the market.

CC Hair Extensions also provides a help desk customer always ready to answer all our questions.

But let’s see what this site offers us, first of all it provides 6 types of extensions and for each of these four types of different lengths:
Clip in the name implies are extensions that apply to our hair through the fermaglietti snap we can apply our extensions in seconds. We have a wide choice of colors and different folds from smooth to curly, she moved from all’ondulato.



Haire heave in this section we will find all the extensions instead of each type of corrugation from super soft and curly all’ondulato in this section there will be extensions applicable to textile.


– The micro loop extensions which are glued to our hair with the use of special accessories, also here we find all sorts of color and all kinds of bends.




Bonded hair extensions related, or what here every kind of color,




Tape clip hair weave



Closure with lace closure.



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To help you choose the most suitable type of extensions we come to the aid of the detailed descriptions added to each product, the methods of application and customer reviews that have already tried this product.

Also on site is a section of accessories for our hair that we can buy and a section on Youtube where we are explained step by step everything.

Watch the video.

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