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Good afternoon, girls,
well you know my love for shopping online now practical only this and you know which has recently been fascinated by hair extensions.
Either because in a fit of madness in a afternoon last June I decided to cut off all my hair long and maybe because some are really great fact is that I found in them a fair return to when I feel an overwhelming lack of my beloved long hair.
I’ve always been a sucker hair even when I was a child I spent hours brushing them, to admire them and to treat them in the mirror. And I’ve always been super jealous of my hair not stand, in fact, go to the hairdresser and after the thousand my misadventures (the time in which a dyed light brown hair came out orange carrot at a time when the famous trim had become a very short bob ) I left the hairdressers and I learned to take care of them alone.

I care so much that’s why even when I bought my first extensions I made sure that they were of poor quality and especially that they were clips so that they can be removed without causing damage to my hair.
Today I want to tell you about a shop that I met recently and I’m “studying” to perfection: findingdream

Finding a dream the name struck me immediately, perhaps because it is as if we saw the living proof of someone who realizes his dream, or perhaps because we all have a dream, or more than one and we’re just looking for ways to make it happen. Well if this was their dream to open a shop where to sell their products they succeeded.

Findingdream was born in 2007 in Qingdao, China with the intention of creating a market them to resell their products to international markets. Create and sell all kinds of extensions from extensions clip, to microextensions, extensions to the tape and all are made with human hair.
The peculiar thing of this e-shops is that there isn’t an e-commerce but rather to buy the products you have to send a email or contact them by phone, as it may seem annoying as solution I find instead a good idea how many times we were wrong purchases? all we really know for extensions?
Well this service gives us the opportunity to receive information and assistance in order to avoid buying the wrong one.
But we see clearly what are the products that are being offered:

– This shop is not only a shop for private purchases indeed we may well call it a trade wholesale hair is due to the large amount that is able to provide that to the many hundreds of types of extension.

If we are individuals we want to definitely buy a high quality product to assimilate them with our hair but if we are a trader looking for the right product to sell in our store, or to apply to our customers the wholesale human hair is the right choice . Extensions made from human hair have longer life and maintain in any case a very natural and avoid ruining the washing or the use of phones and plate. For example, even my extensions are made with human hair I have plated, washed, combed and have not changed one iota, no effect on the hair tow.

So who can we turn if we need to buy is a single piece and a great deal?
Findingdream is the right answer a shop where you can buy  wholesale hair extensions.












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  1. I love the hair examples! I so wish my hair was longer and curlier. Thank you for the inspiration!!

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