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Grow up with your kids can be fun, but hard at the same time

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Grow up with your kids can be fun, but hard at the same time

We as parents should be there for our children from diapers to dating. They will always need advice, understanding, and someone that can listen to them. And, this is why we as parents coming in. There are some great times that you will remember as a parent, but there are also some hard times that we would rather forget. But, not only is this making us better parents, but preparing our children to become adults. Here are some of the good and bad times of each stage from diapers to dating.

When they are infants

When you are at the diaper stage from diapers to dating, the hardest part is to learn what is expected of you as a new parent. We don’t always know how hard it can be to take care of an infant. Knowing when they are hungry or sick can be a frustrating process. Especially when you are a first-time parent. But, this will past and you will learn when your infant is hungry, sick or just bored.

The best times for parents is when your infant is smiling at you for the first time. That first step, the first word and recognize you from a distance. These are all things that make a hard time of raising an infant so much better.


Every parent knows about the “terrible two” face. This is still in the diaper stage, but they aren’t an infant anymore. This is where they are starting to walk, run and getting into trouble. The struggle to try to do everything themselves and you getting frustrated with the tantrums and the potty training.

However, there are some good times to remember as well. The infant is growing into a small person that you can enjoy much more. Doing things with him, exploring things for the first time and even comforting them when they fall down for the first time.  Most parents are saying that this is the best stage of having a child and that this is the part that they wish they can get over again.


The teenage years. The time between diaper and dating that many parents fear. And, with good reason. The child is now becoming an adult. They are trying to find a place for them on earth. This can be hard and frustrating for the teen as well as for a parent. With pressure from friends and pressure from school, this is the hardest part of being a child and a parent. This is the time when you should just relax, give comfort where needed and advice when they ask for it.

There are good things about the teen stage as well. You can talk to them as adults. Spending time with them, talking on a completely different level as when they were children. They also will start to understand that parents are just human as well.

Start dating

The last stage of parenting. When they start dating. You went through the diaper to the dating stage. Now they are seeking someone that they can spend the rest of their lives with. They are going to get hurt, will go to you for advice and will seek reassurance that their partners are getting your approval.

Diaper to dating. The stages of being a parent. And, not one of these stages is easier than the other one. We as parents should be there for our children from the first day that they have been born until they are grownups and finding their own way in life.

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