iHere 3.0

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Good Morning girls 🙂

Today let’s talk about technology and we do it with a product very useful and even necessary if you are disorderly and sbatate like me.

Today I present:

iHERE 3.0



iHere 3.0, Anti-lost Rechargeable Bluetooth Key Finder, Car Finder, Remote Camera Control for iOS, iPhone 4S/5/6, iPad - Support Android




How many times have you lost your keys in your purse or your smartphone began to ring in empty because you could not find it?

To me too.

In my bag there is everything and more, my mother would say first to lugging a suitcase, the reality is that I always need to have on behind all that I need.

Then yesterday I heard of iHere 3.0 and I realized that for people like me is the best solution.

This tiny electronic accessory has several functions:

  • can be connected to your iPhone, or to your keys and start playing when you seek him, making this simple task

  • You can locate your car or your phone if you have lost or can not remember where you put them

  •  you can use it as a remote control for the camera of your smartphone to take pictures

How is this happening? Thanks to a simple app downloaded from Apple.

It also does not require batteries, but is rechargeable as any technological support. It is available at AMAZON UK and at an incredible price of $ 19.99.

Using this code FBPROMOA have an additional $ 5 discount This offer is valid only for the USA.

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  1. That’s such a brilliant idea, especially as it’s a common problem for people to lose their phones haha! 🙂

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice

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